There are 2 aspects in my work. There is my illustrrated diary in which i make a drawing about yesterdays main event in my own life since 1997! 

And there is my textile work.

About my textile work: i make only pieces i do love to make, i use different materials and like colorfull work.

Sometimes i use illustrations from my diary to embroider. (see the group Diary embroideries). At the moment i'm working on the project Sweet memories, based on drawings from my diary about me and my friend who died last year of cancer. We did know each other for more than 50 years and realy were soulmates. To make a tribute to our friendship and to remember her during my embroiderying is this a way for me to progress my grief.

Now and than I use transfer from pictures of the back of my other work or from olld work (oilpainting, knitted sculptures etc) which i iron on fabric and use with different materials and techniques to create a new artwork. 

And i do like humor! Subjects are mainly women because i love the image of women. Recently I got fascinated by singing women, i reaully do like the expression of passionated singing people (women). So since about 2 years i make them in all kind of techniques.